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Coding with Scratch: Telling Jokes

Coding with Scratch: Telling Jokes

Age 7 to 14

Knock Knock …..

In this simple project you will have two sprites telling a joke. You can also use this idea in lots of other ways to have all sorts of conversations between sprites – for example to tell a story or to ask questions.

Key coding points to look out for are:

  • Adding new sprites
  • Writing the code for each sprite, making sure you select the right sprite
  • Using the Green Flag block to start two scripts (programs) at the same time
  • Use the wait block to co-ordinate the two sprites
  • Change the backdrop


Scratch is a great way for you to learn how to code. Its fun and easy to use ... but also very powerful! It's the programming language used in most schools around the world.

It's completely free to use and runs on most computers.


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