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These great projects combine colourful graphics with clear step by step instructions to make learning to code easy and fun.

Animations, games, art, stories and more. Supports the computing curriculum.

Free to download, use the projects any time or anywhere you like!

There are more projects in the pipeline so make sure you keep in touch.

scratch coding

Coding with Scratch: First Steps

If you haven't played around with Scratch you don't know what you are missing. But don't worry. This guide is your jumping off point into the world of coding! ...
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coding with scratch: dancing

Coding with Scratch: Disco Dancing

In this project our Sprite will be showing off her dance routine with a dance-floor as the background and disco music playing ...
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Coding with Scratch: Telling Jokes

Coding with Scratch: Telling Jokes

In this simple project you will have two sprites telling a joke. You can also use this idea in lots of other ways to have all sorts of conversations between sprites – for example to tell a story or to ...
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Coding with Scratch: Ghost catcher

Coding with Scratch: Ghost Catcher

Create this spooky game where players score points by trying to click on ghosts as they appear and disappear around the grounds of the old castle ...
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digital art with scratch

Coding with Scratch: Digital Art

Create three separate apps to automatically draw some crazy artwork. Every drawing will be a unique masterpiece! Write the code to make the sprite move around the stage and use the pen blocks to draw lines as it moves. Then ...
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scratch animation

Coding with Scratch: Animations

In this project you will find out how to create simple animated cartoons. Make your characters walk, run, fly and change direction. And use speech and thought bubbles just like cartoons and comics. Adding a background to our cartoon ...
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drawing squares in scratch

Coding with Scratch: Loopy Squares

Use Scratch to draw squares. Lots of squares! Starting with just one square and building up to complex artistic patterns. The key to this project is using Loops to do all the work ...
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Coding with scratch: the maths quiz

Coding with Scratch: Maths Quiz

In this App you'll build an interactive quiz to help players revise their Times Tables! Find out about Variables, Random numbers and Operators ...
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